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GeoMoby is shaping the future of Location Intelligence.


GeoMoby is a location intelligence solution provider, changing the way businesses and organisations make decisions and reach people. We help our clients take advantage of geolocation technology using advanced geofencing services, real-time geolocation algorithms and live analytics.

We generate powerful data and unlock priceless business analytics with our growing suite of innovative products.

GeoMoby has gained unprecedented capabilities to turn data into value in real-time. We provide high precision indoor and outdoor geofencing with negligible battery consumption, thanks to our advanced patented techniques.

Our feature-rich technology empowers your business to trigger alerts and actions based on relevant contextual data with our growing collection of Geo Modules including external data streams such as weather, traffic, user data, and more.

Take advantage of our advanced geo-fencing options, with support for circular and polygonal fences, and our Geo Tripwires, a high-precision line which goes off when crossed.

GeoMoby is cloud-native, offering high availability, redundancy, and potential to scale.

The battle of tomorrow's business performance will be won using contextual, real-time, location-based data — we are proud to be shaping the future of location intelligence.

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Location data and analytics are already shaking up multiple industries. GeoMoby's unique technology has gained unprecedented capabilities to turn data into value in real-time. Start connecting the dots between data, analytics and business growth. Put yourself on the map with GeoMoby!

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